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This sticker rests on our boy's ashes, Lucien. He was 5 years and 3 months old when HCM took him across the rainbow bridge. Our hearts are shattered. This piece of art brings visual and emotional comfort during our time of grief. The artist also included a heartfelt note that brought tears to my eyes. I highly recommend. Thank you.


This pin is the cutest - I’ve been looking for a Sphynx pin that looks like my boy and this delivers! 🖤 Absolutely adorable and very well made. Thank you for the cute sticker, too!


I love this! I had to order another asap because I immediately wanted another. Love the blind box aspect, and I got Nebula for my first one🖤 Fast shipping and beautifully made art.


The cutest pin I have bought in a while, with amazing quality and just gorgeous in person too. I can't wait to go to a zoo wearing this bad boy out! Highly recommend this artist and their stuff!


So cute! Love the art and it makes a great addition to my backpack! Thank you :)


Perfection! Looks just like my voidlette!


I thought this was already cute enough in the pictures, but oh my goodness-- in person it is just absolutely lovely. So so cute and I'm glad I caved and ordered this ❤️


As always I’m blown away with the quality of these items. They mystery packs are so cute and the pins are j credibly beautiful. I got Milky Way and Cosmos and I couldn’t be happier to add these to my pin collection. I will definitely keep getting these!!!


The goblin observes a fellow goblin, and she approved.


Absolutely love it! I work at a vet clinic so this is just perfect I couldn’t pass it up! It also came with a matching sticker so adorable 😍 Will absolutely be ordering more! ❤️❤️❤️


Kikki was the absolute BEST at helping me with my special order. I needed to move my cats earlier than I expected and they needed their kitty tags. She was amazing at putting together a special order for me so that I’d have the tags by the time I moved my cats! Absolutely superb!!!!!


A beautiful, high quality print! Kiki’s art never fails to put a smile on my face. Carefully shipped too. Thank you!


Beautiful pins and amazing quality <3 I adore all of them, thank you very much!


I’ve admired this pin for a while. I finally got around to purchasing it and of course I’m glad I did! African Painted Dogs are fierce but such beautiful creatures. I am in love with these pins. They are so fun and beautifully designed. Kiki is such an awesome artist. Can’t wait to add more to my collection. Thank you! 😊


Gorgeous pin! I’ve admired wolves since I was little. White wolves are especially meaningful to me. And it reminds me of my dog (yes, that lazy looking fellow in the background.) I love the detail of this pin and the iridescence- it’s beautiful! It also came with a matching sticker. So happy 😀 Thank you! Highly recommend!